How to create a morning routine and stick to it!
sustainable morning routine


Have you ever looked at people who wake up effortlessly and wonder :how do they manage to have such a good morning routine? Indeed, morning routine seems to be the trendy thing to do these days. But having a healthy routine in the morning is not just a fancy thing to boast about on Social Media, it is actually good for you! But how do we have a morning routine when it is not who we are at all? H*ll, it was definitely not mine! But after many years of practice, now I have perfected the art of having a morning routine and I am about to tell you exactly how I do it AND stick to it!

Morning Routine do not come naturally

For over 40 years of my life, I lived in a capacity to “don’t talk to me until I had a few cups of coffee and my morning dose of cigarettes”. If I could I slept till lunchtime I would. I worked in bars and nightclubs all through my earlier years 12pm-close then closed bar party with our staff till about 4am, then up lunchtime then back to work… Days where nights and nights were days. My body was programmed to sleep, eat, work, drink, party repeat.

Then in my 30’s, my serious party years of anything and everything at the weekends we party all the way through so there was no morning!

Not only was I destroying my body and my mind but I had to sleep to repair the damage. My body had nothing at all to give me so it was a constant downhill battle internally.

Fast forward to NOW! My life has completely transformed in every way imaginable. I would like to share an intricate part of what brings out the best in me. This is the daily non-negotiable routine that makes me be able to deliver what I need externally and internally every day. It allows me to have the mindset of a champion, the energy of a Warrior and the focus of a woman to build her Queendom.

Here’s my sustainable Morning Routine

🤜Get up between 4am-5am whenever the body naturally wakes me 

🙏🏻Pranayama Breathwork

🧘‍♀️ Meditate (sometimes guided/sometimes stillness)

👩‍💻Journal/Gratitudes (min 15 minutes) 

📖 Read my personal script of manifesting, visualize it into reality.

💃Move the body in flow and where it wants to go 

🏋️‍♀️Go for a walk into mother nature 45 minutes then do a HIIT class or weights

During the day: 

📚Read for 30 minutes minimum 

🌱intuitively Eat and employ Intermittent Fasting as my body LOVES it!

💦 Drink water like a crazy lady

Night Routine:

👩‍💻Gratitudes for the day

🧘‍♀️Pick one and use the emotion for my Meditation

🧝‍♀️A session with guides, spirits, Ancient ones – Channeling whatever needs to come through which is usually with Light Language.

🙆‍♀️If I feel any blocks or my Chakras are not aligned then I do some divine energy work on myself.

Morning routines take time

Yes, my morning routine takes me 3-4 hours but I do love doing it. It is not work it is pure joy for me. It also gets me into a version of myself that I have such clarity and can give back to others, including myself. It grounds and balances me every day to my ultimate best. There are times I cannot do it all I am okay with that as well, perfection is not my driver, acceptance to who and where I am in every minute is. If my body needs a sleep in, trust me I have it!

I want you to know this has been an evolving day practice for me which started out with journaling for 10 mins and meditating for 5-10. What works for me does not always work for another. I encourage you to use this as a guide as I teach my clients to “find what works” for you! It is about taking baby steps and allowing what space you do have to evolve and modify as you find yourself shifting. BUT BE OKAY WITH 15 Minutes in the morning if that is all you have. Switch that TV off put down that phone and connect to what your mind, body, and soul this is what feeding the body is truly about.

What changed was I truly started valuing myself, I made me number one and stopped putting everyone else first. If I was at my best than I could give more to those around me, I could love deeper, I could be present more, I could laugh louder and I could give myself unconditionally from a place of happiness because my cup of love within me was always full. I realized I was worth so much more than how I was showing up in my life and I started to reconnect with me and unravel the beautiful wonderment in truth to my body, mind, and soul. I uncovered inside me special parts of me that I never acknowledged.

My mission became how can I make myself a better person and respect myself more every day. How can I give back to myself in a way that through the evolution of finding myself is a reflection on how I can love others more?

I said to myself a lot…

“It is safe to let go, it is safe for me, you are always loved, you are always protected, you are always enough and you are worthy of everything and anything you desire. Awaken and do what you need to do to become the best strongest healthiest version of you. One step at a time beautiful one”.

Let me know if there is one thing you will take on for your day and if you want some guides to what the best morning routine, leave a comment and I’ll get right back at you!


Leisa x

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