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Leisa Nadler - life coch

I got asked today what am I afraid of ? “whats the worst thing that could happen”? WOW that’s a thing I have never thought of. I live in the bliss of creating my future and that does not include anything bad. My mind went quiet , I was so still ! Nothing was coming…

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Vulnerability is sexy

Why are people so afraid to be vulnerable in this worlds everyone thinks they need to portray a life of strength and perfection! I have said it once and I will say it again Vulnerability is sexy 💋💋 I have just spent the first 6 days of my tour in New Zealand sick and in…

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leisa nadler

My message to the world is simple My message is very clear My message will touch one person at a time I deliver it by touch not by voice. I deliver it by knowledge of someone that has been totally broken! Of someone that has had so much self hate. Of someone that was stuck…

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I hated myself but I knew I was “BORN FOR MORE”!

Author Leisa Nadler

Who the hell am I, I screamed? What the hell am I doing here? What a discrase just look at yourself! Your pathetic, you’re such a fucken loser! NO WONDER NO ONE LOVES YOU! Seriously if this is my life? I want out! I didn’t know who I was. I hated myself. I just didn’t…

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