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Leisa Nadler | Life Architect, Mentor & life coach, Author, Wealth Alchemist

🤪🤔😁WOW REALISATION TIME🤪🤔😁 IN 7 DAYS NEIL AND I ARE OFFICIALLY GLOBAL NOMADS! NO FIXED PLACE TO LIVE! TOTALLY FREE AS A BIRD! As I take a breathe and surrender to the joy of packing up our Villa in Bali, I stop and all these emotions coming flooding in. HOLY SHIT in a week we…

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New Zealand Tour Begins – Life of an Entrepreneur

Just touched down! Where am I now? What country am I in? Then I smile to myself and think what’s the next adventure, what’s the next open experience I will have. Who will I meet, what will I learn, who’s life can I change today! Living in gratitude is what sets my soul on fire.…

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