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Testimonial Life Coaching with Leisa Nadler - Anne Boswell"Before I committed to the group, I seriously wondered whether my “trauma” was “traumatic” enough. But Leisa quickly zeroed in on what I needed to work on. A major life change three and a half years ago was the event that triggered the start of a breakdown in my marriage. Add in a role reversal, a serious injury, another child, two new businesses and an incident in which I feared for my family’s safety, we were clinging on for dear life.

As a result of this programme, my husband and I have made an incredible reconnection, and he’s followed my lead. Our communication has become more honest and open, and we are reacting to situations in a far more productive way.

To be honest, I think I underestimated Leisa, and that’s said with the utmost love and respect, because if you haven’t worked with her, you just cannot grasp how powerful the experience is going to be. She’s intuitive, to the point where you wonder if she’s climbed into your head, and she’s very confident in delivering the solutions and tools she offers to release the trauma you’ve experienced. It’s really hard for me to say just how many aspects of my life Leisa has touched. While the main focus was on my relationship with my husband, she understood the importance of improving all other areas of my life: self-love and self-care, joy, money, friendship, everything.

Thank you Leisa xx

-Anne Boswell

When I first started coaching with Leisa, my main motivation was accountability. I simply needed help in getting shit done! What I got from our sessions was SO much more than that! Leisa has this incredible ability to spot blocks that were holding me back that I was completely unaware of - then gave me tools that I could use to move through and into the next level. Leisa has the perfect combination of encouragement and ass kicking, with love! This divine woman is gifted in holding sacred space for her clients, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident to go where they need to go. If you’re ready to move, transform and really shine your beautiful light - Leisa is the woman that will get you there!

- Narelle Clyde
Byron Bay, Australia


"If you’re wanting to embark on a journey of self-discovery, if you’re wanting to change something about your life that isn’t serving you well, then there is no better person to have at your side than Leisa.  Leisa’s mission in life is to help others transform their lives and to fulfill their dreams, as she has done and continues to do, drawing on her own experiences from past struggles.  Leisa and I have known each other since our early teens but it was only a few years ago that we reconnected again and I have to say that I am so blessed to be able to count Leisa as one of my dearest and most genuine of friends.

Leisa makes a wonderful life coach; she’s caring, empathetic, but also sassy!  Her generosity in going out of her way to message me when I’ve needed it most on how to change my thoughts and perspective on things, has been a true blessing.

If you’re sitting on the fence unsure whether to start your journey here, know that facing your fears isn’t likely to be easy at first but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with Leisa as your greatest cheerleader!"

New Zealand

"Leisa is a beautiful person with a big heart and a completely natural nature and approach. I met Leisa 12 months ago at an event and watched her life develop and grow on Facebook. During this time, I was enduring life’s challenges and though doing the best I could, I wasn’t able to get to the next level on my own. So, irrespective of cost, I had to have Leisa on board as my support and mentor.

Once Leisa realised her book "From Broken to Brilliant" and advised that she would be available as a mindset coach, I had to get her to help me get to where I wanted to be. It's has been 8 weeks with Leisa and I have now finally walked away from an emotionally draining full time job of 18 years, with excitement, belief, and confidence in my pursuing my passion. Leisa is very supportive, open, honest, matter of fact, and the most comforting thing is knowing that Leisa has been on the same level. I feel that everyone needs a Leisa Nadler. My eyes and my heart have been opened and I believe in my abilities to pursue my passion. Leisa is inspirational, motivational and sooo easy to work with. I look forward to our calls and I learn so much about myself thru the mindset tasks that Leisa has me do."

-Nerissa Nicola
Springfield Lakes, QLD


Life Coaching with Leisa Nadler Testimonial - Jaydene

"This program is like nothing I have ever done before, it came to me at just the right time to help me move barriers and blockages that I didn’t even know that I had.  I truly believe that Leisa gives her whole heart to this program and to her clients that participate but most importantly Leisa creates a safe space to work within.  She holds you accountable for your actions, calls you on your bullshit and brings you forward to reach your higher self. From the very first task you feel lighter and things become clearer and clearer as you progress through.

This program has opened my mind and my heart to a whole new way of thinking and has given me the tools to adapt these new concepts and ways of thinking towards my marriage, career and most importantly the belief in myself.

I can honestly say that this programme is the thing that will elevate me to the next level, I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of my life brings me.

- Jaydene

I first met Leisa Nadler 3 years ago and am only now understanding how incredibly fortunate that turned out to be.

Over the last 12 months my life has completely changed direction. I have always known I wanted to change my life and to do that I knew I needed to change my mindset but I never really knew how to do that.

I’ve enrolled in lots of courses, read books, watched webinars and been on retreats and yes I had experienced some small shifts.

BUT when I read Leisa’s book “Broken to Brilliant” I realised that this was the person who had done the work had changed her Mindset and her life and she was the one that could show me how to do it for myself.

We all know that no one else can do it for you but with the incredible support from Leisa at every turn I can honestly say that my life will never be the same and will only ever be more Abundant, more purposeful, more loving, more fulfilling and so much happier thanks to Leisa and her coaching.

Leisa will listen to you, laugh with you, cry with you and call you on your “BS” then guide you along a sometimes painful but always supported path to change your mindset to allow you to reach your fullest potential.

If you’ve ever considered changing your mindset or doing any kind of work to improve yourself or your circumstances whatever they might be, I cannot recommend Leisa any more highly. She is an amazing woman. I love her and I thank her for everything she has done for me and helped me to do for myself.

Go ahead and contact her.

From the moment you first speak with her you will know you are in the right place.

- Michelle Jia
Brisbane, Australia

"Leisa has guided me through a considerable change and challenging time. With Leisa's calm, positive, passionate and genuine qualities, she listened, supported me, and offered me solutions to reevaluate the changes I needed to make, and made me realize what was really important to me as to be able to transform into the person I needed to be. My future is so exciting and I will be forever GRATEFUL."

-Robin Sutton
Sunshine Coast, Australia

"When you need someone to pull you past your fears, doubts and insecurities that are stopping you from living the way you know you are meant to live then Leisa is that guiding light to pull you through. Her strength and tenacity on all levels coupled with her wisdom, intelligence and savvy self can ensure you achieve any dreams and goals you set. When I was stuck in fear about my path and 'what to do', not just in business but in my personal life too, Leisa helped me to see the future and showed me the way forward. What more could you ask for from a Mentor? What a blessing Leisa you are to me. Thank you for everything!"

- Jo Cugnet

"Before I met Leisa I was on the way to building a good mindset but... I wanted more i wanted to achieve bigger things and like everyone we get into a bit of a lull and feel you cant get out of it!

Well you can you always can and Leisas always a phone call or txt away to help you back up and carry on creating your dreams. She's given me tools to use every day that keeps the ball rolling for me. She's been coaching me for a year now and woow the things i have achieved is mind blowing.

So please don't hesitate to contact her I'm telling you you need to invest into something that will help you get more and more out of life."

- Philipa Jones
KeriKeri, New Zealand

"I have been working with Leisa only a short time, but she has helped me in so many ways, and helped me discover and shift a few things that have been holding me back. Her down to earth, relatable, nurturing nature makes you feel safe and able to go to those places so you can be set free; always holding space for you, will listen, laugh and cry with you and also call you on your “BS” then guide you to unlock and uncover the path to change your mindset and beliefs to allow you to reach your fullest potential. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I am truly grateful."

-Kim England
Auckland, New Zealand

"Leisa Nadler held the space for me for a breakthrough I did not see coming! If it wasn’t for her showing up in my life and sharing her gifts I would not have had access to learning what it felt like to work with a coach who actually cares about you, your story and where you are heading in life. Thank you Leisa!"

- Cassandra Jeans
Ontario, Canada

I'm so utterly grateful for all Leisa Nadler's help these 6 weeks. She's helped me to change areas of my life so that I commit to putting myself first, given me direction, support and love, and provided some incredible healings and activations. She's helped me move through some deep seated fears and overwhelming emotions, as I step up to a new direction in my life. I'm really grateful for the mindset meditation routine~ Leisa's support and guidance helped me create sacred space for my own embodying of my authentic needs.

More self love, huge shifts and progression thanks for all your help Leisa!

-Cate Pates
Cardiff, Wales

What a fantastic coaching experience I've had with Leisa. Within 2 sessions I had completely unlocked a new version of myself. Situations that would've normally had me fully anxious or in a crying mess were no longer a big deal with the techniques Leisa taught me. She helped me realise new capabilities which are already helping with my future. My outlook on life is so much more positive and I find myself smiling more. I'm more relaxed with my children and partner. Leisa is so easy to talk to, she makes you feel relaxed and heard. Seriously if you want to unlock your potential and discover more about yourself, then I think coaching is the way forward and Leisa is the coach for you. I can not recommend her highly enough.

- Shyla McLaren
Brisbane, Australia

I absolutely loved working with Leisa, we dived deep into healing and the core of what was really going on in my head and my body. I favoured the healing sessions the most as she is so clever and gifted and I noticed big differences each time!!

I went in with an open mind and an idea of what I wanted to achieve and after 3 months I feel like I have completely stepped out of my old identity and into a new one which I am now exploring still 2 months later. It was and is mind blowing!!

Plus I was pregnant while working with her and although the healing was deep we always managed to take care of my growing baby too!

Can’t recommend her enough, Definitely worth every penny!!

Love you Leisa!!!

Liz xxx

- Liz Davis
North Island, New Zealand

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