How to Live in Harmony: Finding the FUN in Life!
Leisa Nadler living in harmony


Mastering your mindset is like having multiple orgasms when you hit that sweet spot of connecting.

That euphoric feeling of alignment to your mind which moves through your body, allows you to live in harmony and allows the sweetness of pleasure as you morph into one. The dance of the purest alignment and wondrous flow.

I am not joking, the alignment to understanding the oneness of the physical body and the mind is magical, mystical, wondrous and so unbelievably powerful.

So powerful with knowing that even when a block, pattern or unconscious belief comes into play in your life, your body knows exactly what to do. You allow the process, you understand it, you accept it for all the snotty, shitty, frustrating mess it is. Why? Because OMFG when you break through it – BOOM baby it is back to that feeling of liberation, freedom and you guessed it – a place of that incredible feeling of MULTIPLE ORGASMS!

Live in harmony: start with the mind

Building a relationship with your mind is like any other relationship when you start from an adult space. You are learning to decipher through what works, what doesn’t, what actually feels good and what doesn’t. What habits you need to shift through allow the sacred union to take place with a loving space of unconditional commitment. Just like a lover, with this new awakening awareness to self, sometimes you just don’t understand what it is doing, saying, feeling or thinking. As you unravel the mysteries of why you actually do what you do, you truly are and what you need to work through your vibrational energy to one of surrender with wonderful compassion and forgiveness to yourself.

It takes time to learn how to live in harmony as you are unwrapping layers of the past with this new awareness. It is a confronting place! It brings up memories and emotions you sometimes don’t want to go to.

It is a journey to unraveling the power of the mind and to know what you can truly do while allowing when you truly are to come back to life. To move into a state of trusting yourself and letting go is an uncomfortable process at times.

But when you do, when you hit that sweet spot with yourself… eeekkkkkkk look out here we go!!!

One day, you wake up and things just happen, you do one thing and your mind allows the internal process to happen. Your relationships within you shift gently to a place of more belief and more trust. Your unity of the soul and the knowing process is morphing, your mind is not working with your body, you are finally one.

What happens when you live in harmony

✨You are loving yourself with a divine soul connection to the magic of who you are.

✨Your higher self, who lives in pleasure and play, is front and center and your ego is nowhere to be heard or felt.

✨You realize you are one of a kind and you love that you don’t need to be like anyone else, you are you and no one is you!

✨Your posture is one of pure power and your body moves in a way of total ownership to all you are!

✨When you fight with yourself, you don’t hold on to any shame blame or guilt. You understand the lesson and move back onto the state of blissful union with yourself with deeper knowledge.

✨You understand yourself so much that you know how to turn yourself on in business and life. It is all pleasure.

✨You laugh, play and fight but it is all for the growth of your relationship to self… and we know what happens after the fight! You guess it ORGASM TIME!

That deeper knowing, understanding and unraveling of the self has so many rewards that if you don’t do the work, it is like a pissed off wife or husband who has a pile of washing and no inspiration to do it so it keeps piling up! In the end, it is just more work – and who wants that?!

Don’t sit in your shadows, there is no fun in that. Instead, understand them and allow them to move through you. Be the architect of your life. Build that unshakable foundation so solid that as you unravel each new challenge, you are equipped with an inner strength. You can combat it all!

Love always,

Leisa Nadler

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