When I lose 10kgs then I will be happy
When I can fit that dress then I will be happy
When I get that botox then I will be happy
When I am making that extra $5-10k then I will be happy
When I have that circle of friends then I will be happy
When I meet the man of my dreams then I will be happy

When I, when I, when I …

Seriously when you are looking for it, it never comes. Ever heard of that saying, well news flash, its true.

Have you heard of the universal “LAW OF ATTRACTION”.

When you keep looking for something or someone else to make you happy it NEVER happens.

Well maybe initially you get that buzz of happiness but is that long term. HELL NO because then the hit goes, what happens, you start thinking what next can I get to make me happy and then i will be happy.

SO WHAT WE ARE WE ATTRACT RIGHT ? Another good one liner but its TOTALLY TRUE ! Look around YOU what is surrounding YOU right now?

You want a simple answer to your WHEN I problem….


Don’t keep looking for external things to make you happy, look WITHIN ! The only person or thing that can make you happy is YOU .

LOVE YOU enough not to need anything else to give you the justification of happiness. Happiness lies in SELF LOVE !

I hear you say YES easier said than done Leisa and i TOTALY AGREE! But invest that time, energy and effort you have been with the “WHEN I GET I WILL BE”, into FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU !


Comment below with one thing you will stop right now from thinking “WHEN I GET” ?

PS: I suggest as well if you are sick of my SELF LOVE posts de friend me now as this shit is just the start “I AM A WOMEN ON A MISSION” TO PUT LOVE BACK INTO PEOPLE, FOR YOURSELF AND ALL THOSE AROUND YOU.

Kisses, Leisa

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