Can a woman’s intuition be wrong?
woman's intuition with Leisa


You’re a woman and sometimes you wonder: can a woman’s intuition be wrong? What do you do when your intuition makes no sense at all?

That’s how I felt once upon a time. Here’s how it was:

When you are 45 years old, no job to go to and you decide one day to move you and your husband to live in Bali! I thought… are you crazy??

Answer: YEP!

It didn’t make any real sense! What’s with this intuition, or rather, woman’s intuition!?

On top of that, we owned a home with all that we needed, we were extremely happy living in Australia with all our friends. So why pack up, upheaval your whole life and move to a 3rd world country where you know no one, live out of a suitcase, have no real job, for zero reasons except you feel called too?

What is a woman’s intuition, really?

Great question!

It’s easily to think that intuition is just plain wrong. Especially when you start telling people and they chuckle at you as they speak the words you heard your ego spoke to you once (Note: MAJOR head-shake and cringe reasons below):

“That’s what young people do!”

“You need a stable income coming in, your online business could fall over at any time!”

“They have lots of bombing there, it is not safe!”

“It is a dirty third world country”

“Neil (my husband), has never been there how do you know he will even like it?”

“You have no security anything could go wrong”

“You don’t know anyone!”

Did I second guess my random decision? HELL YES! But intuitively with all my heart, I knew it was for a bigger reason, I was so pulled to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

My woman intuition had come calling and I could not ignore it!

All my life I had played safe. Let all the noise be bigger than what I wanted to do, not listened to my gut, my intuition. In the past, I had always let the fear kick in, people’s opinions, second guessing myself.

This time it was about me, nothing was stopping me!

When to listen to your woman’s intuition

The truth is, you can get confused by your woman’s intuition. But there is a way around this. Here’s how I did it:

So first of all, I thought: let’s do a Pro and Con List. I did the pros and cons list and guess what? The cons quadrupled the pros! It didn’t make sense, was I going mad like everyone said, including my inner voice?

But even after reviewing my list, the pull was too strong. I was being called by a bigger force than just me. I literally could feel I had no choice this was a huge turning point for me.

So we packed up our house into a container, rented it out and said our goodbyes.

We made the leap!

When we landed in Bali, while still sitting in that plane , we turned to each other and Neil said we will be here longer than six months I can feel it, baby. I knew he was right. I looked out the window my body Goose bumped the tears started, his words touched me to the core, he was right. Yes, Bali had big plans for me, I was about to embark on the ride of my life…and ride it was! You can follow me on Instagram to see how amazing it was!

Well, the next four years that followed blew me wide open. The transformation and shift in who I was that followed, was electric.

My Spiritual Journey Started!

Who I was born to came to life through my spiritual journey started.

OMG, I fought it at the start and Mother Bali fought back. The embodiment of my true self came when I fully surrendered and just let go, let it be. I look back now and if I had not listened to my woman’s intuition I know I would have gotten where I am but I also know it could have taken a whole other lifetime!

Why waste precious time?

If you are feeling a nudge and it makes zero sense, don’t ignore her or him! Trust your intuition, let go and surrender, allow the greatest chapters of your life unfold.

“Ask the Universe for Joy, then listen to what she says, and let your spirit dance to that”



When you feel it, LISTEN!

Always listen to your Woman’s Intuition. WHY? Guess who her best friend is… YOUR HIGHER SELF aka the one that knows!

Much love,


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