How to get through writer’s block when journaling
writer's block


This morning I sat pen in hand and felt into what I needed to share with the world today. As every morning, I was journaling. But today I was feeling what many would describe as a writer’s block.

Nothing flowed through. I sat in waiting, wanting, desiring to write, but nothing came out.

It was like my mind was a blank canvas. I had nothing to share! The fear rose up…What if I cannot connect again? The fear rose up!

“This surrender is b*llsh*t, looks what happens, I told you so, you need to keep going and not ever stop or the clients, money and all the momentum what you have worked so hard for will stop ”, yelled my ego….

As it kept muttering away, feeding the fear, fueling my writer’s block.

Observing my writer’s block

So I took a breath or ten, and I stilled my mind. I got very quiet. Then, I asked my ego to take a seat, be still, and I became the observer—the observer of my soul.

I transitioned from the one experiencing, feeling it all, to the observer. Immediately, I looked at myself from a spectator viewpoint. That’s when I witnessed myself in all my fear, in all my confusion, in all my frustration.

I allowed it all. To connect to what the feelings were, the words I was using, the emotions it carried.

I embraced my writer’s block and why journaling was so difficult this morning. Surprisingly, I realised the emotional attachment left the minute I got curious; they didn’t have space to attach to anything, so I knew this was pure ego.

Letting myself surrender to what is

I was fighting my surrender, this was the one thing I needed to do the most right now. Instead, I had to surrender to it all. I realised I was in my uncomfy zone, the transition state of consciousness, the shift to unity consciousness. So, I was trying to be in my 3D body of emotions, thoughts and feelings.

I understood this was the familiar place I was addicted to, but it no longer felt like that. I was so uncomfortable I didn’t know what to do, so I became the observer, a tool I used well.

I connected to my higher self, and I ask for guidance, love and awareness. Quietly, I sat in my container of pure love, and I allowed myself to connect to a consciousness that understood. I looked at myself through a fresh eye, and clarity came.

I allowed myself to honour the process with no attachment. As the observer, I watched all the fears come to the surface, the past coding, programming, I observed it piece by piece, bit by bit come to the surfaced.

The practice of journaling starts with the self

I understood what was happening, and I watched each fear dissipate open by one. By turning in, I had awareness, with observing, I had understanding, and with complete surrender, I had growth.

We should not bypass fear or move to the side like it does not exist. We should understand it.

My most significant growth has come from understanding.

Do not fear or ignore the Ego. Instead, recognise her for the lessons she brings. Then, learn to silence her when the time comes for your higher self-consciousness to grow.

Lessons are all around us; they are for our greatest good, our higher purpose.

Deciphering our thoughts, master the feelings and comprehend the emotions they are our greatest gift to transcend what no longer serves up and rise to a level of high self-consciousness through aligned frequency.

Befriend Writer’s block, don’t fight it.

So next time you feel the voices get loud, ask for the intelligence of what the messages hold for you.

Connect to your higher self identify and the energy of the known. And sit with self to bring in the clarity, growth and expansion so that the fear can be liquified, and you will be reimbursed with a new level of awareness.

So now, as I sit in the surrender, even when I feel the frustration and uncomfortable energy coming in, I understand this to will pass. All is for the greater good of my next level identify that is waiting to be installed.

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